Monday, February 7, 2011

Four Drafts, No Posts

That's right, four days in a row I started new blog posts and four days in a row I didn't quite get done.

It's been a little bit of a crazy weekend and I'm kind of still trying to sort through all the crazy that happened. Nothing bad, just, well, crazy. When I have it all worked through in my head, I'll blog about it.

As for this Monday morning I am off and running. Laundry, school, dishes, referee and it's just now 9 a.m. My to do list this week is quite extensive, including but not limited to finishing those four drafts!

I have decided to start spring cleaning by faith that spring will come early and get some things cleaned out around here. We have too many toys, clothes and general stuff and it's time for it to hit the road! So I'm not just cleaning, I'm getting rid of all this unwanted stuff that I have to keep cleaning up. ~Smile~

Well, unfortunately this is all I have for you in the way of a post this morning. I must get busy on my to do list and get my workout in for the day.

Heart Tip~~This is an obvious one, but the one most overlooked. Exercise. Even this people need to get their exercise in. Exercise is not just about losing weight or staying thin, it's about giving your heart a workout, making it stronger, as well as your joints, bones, lungs and muscles. Exercise completes a healthy lifestyle. So I challenge you to get in 40 minutes of cardio at least three times per week. Get movin' and stay healthy! Love your heart, treat it right.

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