Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stir and Crazy, Yes We Are!

Well we here in the midwest welcomed February by having a blizzard. I am intensifying my prayers for an early spring. I have had enough snow to last me two years. Two years!! Needless to say the kids and I are going a little mad. We were stuck in the house ALL LAST WEEK with the plague and we got well just to be stuck again. Just call us stir crazy. As soon as we can safely go out we will, I don't care if it's just to the grocery store!

Anyhoo, onto less depressing topics. Kinda. It is February, so you all know what that means?? It's Heart Health Awareness Month! New stats for this year say that 41 million women have heart disease and that more women will die from it than men. Its the leading cause of death in women in USA, not cancer. See what I mean about it only being kinda less depressing. There is good news in this post, promise!! The good news here is that we can reverse these numbers. We can stop the death toll from going up so rapidly. We can get healthy, eat healthy and take care of us. That's right I said us! While I'm all for being a giving person, there are things I have to do for me because it makes me a better wife, mom, pastor's wife, saint, daughter~~fill in the blank with whatever you want. Doing for me makes me better for them.

So this month I am challenging all 10 of you to do things just a little healthier. I am still going to post my heart health tips but this month I am also going to commit to losing 10 pounds during heart health month (this should not be hard considering I am already losing weight)! I challenge us all to make healthier choices, cook healthier options, exercise and if you need to shed some unwanted pounds do that too. If you are going to commit to doing something healthier this February, blog about and let me know!! Maybe I will even get technical enough to get a linky going. Who knows??

Heart Tip: So most of the country is still in a deep freeze and I know my favorite hot drink in the winter is tea. Conveniently my favorite cold drink in the summer is iced tea. Green tea is an amazing little drink. It can be served cold or hot and tastes great either way. It is packed with powerful antioxidants that lower cholesterol and possibly lower blood pressure. It is a heart healthy drink that tastes great!! Organic green tea is good for you. It warms you up in the deep cold and is a refreshing drink if you are lucky enough to be in warm weather now. If you enjoy a nice cuppa joe for the caffeine, a better more healthy source of caffeine is green tea! My favorite is pomegranate green tea!! Give your heart a boost and have some green tea!!

Friday is Wear Red for Women day!! I hope that I actually get to go out of the house on Friday and if I do, I'll be in red!! I will also do what I have never done on this blog, I will post a picture of me, in red. Throw on a red t-shirt or sweater (again whatever your temps may be) and Go Red!!

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Boy Mom said...

I will take you up on your healthy heart challenge. Green tea, here I come.