Friday, May 6, 2011

The Battle for Marriages--A Book Review

I love a good read. It can be nonfiction, fiction, self-help,
spiritual guidance, how-to's or even cook books. As long as it is a
good read, I'm happy. If a book does not capture my attention within
the first three chapters, it gets thrown out. Several months ago I
reviewed a book by John and Stasi Eldredge called Love and War. Great
read! I loved it. So when the opportunity arose for me to review the
Love and War Devotional for Couples I was thrilled.

Marriage is hard. It's wonderful, but hard. Wonderfully hard sums it
up well. Love and War Devotional for Couples is a great little book.
It's packed with solid advice, scriptures to back it up and prayers to
get you started. It is an eight week devotional and the devotions are
not extremely long which makes it easy to squeeze in a few minutes in
the morning or at night to strengthen or begin repairing your
marriage. Even the busiest couples have a few minutes to spare for the
betterment of their marriage. And those who don't think they have the
time need this book more than they realize. It doesn't matter if you
have been married for five months, five years or fifty-five years,
this book is for couples. Not couples in trouble but every couple.
If you are married, you will benefit from spending eight weeks working
through this devotional.

Here is what the authors are asking of the readers:

"We invite you to walk alongside us for eight weeks--five days a
week--and dive deeper into the realities of your marriage. We'll focus
on. . .the heart of God, the heart that He placed in you and the heart
He has placed in your spouse." ~~John and Stasi Eldredge

Here are four of the weekly topics, just to get you interested:
Remembering What We Wanted, The Journey, Companionship, The Little
Foxes and four more which you'll just have to check out for yourself.
I highly recommend this book!

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This book was provided for review by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing.

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