Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breathing Fresh Air

The last two days have been splendidly beautiful outside. So today I have my front door open and my kids have spent most of this day outside. It is a win-win situation people; they LOVE it outside and it is quiet inside. What more could this mama ask for?!?!? Makiah did all of her school work lying on a blanket outside in the sun. I love homeschooling.

Sam officially started Kindergarten last week. Yes, we are doing school year round so I figured why not. If I am going to homeschool one child, why not do two?? The trip to crazy is already paid for, I might as well ride first class. (I truly love, love, love homeschooling, but there are days that I think I am crazy for getting in this, just to explain) Let me explain my location called crazy. See every morning, VERY. SINGLE. MORNING. first thing, Sam asks me "what are we doing tomorrow mama"? Not today, but tomorrow. I am there still figuring out today and he wants an itinerary for tomorrow???? So my standard answer has become, "we are going to crazy (sometimes it is ville, state or town or just plain crazy)". I have said this so much in fact that now he asks this, "what are we doing tomorrow mama, still going to crazy"? ~~Laugh out Loud~~ "Yes son, still going to crazy". (By-the-way, I totally feel Brain during this dialogue and now understand his frustration with Pinky. If you have never watched Pinky and the Brain, I have now confused you). This answer, however, appeases him and I get to move on with figuring out the current day. He loves to do school work and he is plowing through Math at breakneck speed. He told me that this math was too simple and he needs harder math not this, as Sam puts it, "preschool math I already know". I agree with him. He already knows how to add and subtract simple numbers up to ten. At this rate that rocket ship he has been saying he will build should be done by Christmas. Course I'll just be happy if he is reading by Christmas.

Sam just came in and asked for a drink. I gave him one and he proceeded to tell me he needed that because he is "sweating like a pig in a waffle iron".

Thank you son, you should have that girlfriend you keep talking about any day now with lovely conversation pieces like that.

Well, you have now peeked into my day. I am feeling my bloggy groove returning. Watch out people, I have typing skills and I am not afraid to post! (Finally, right? I know!)

By-the-way, I know that I overused parentheses in this post, but that's just how I roll. ~~Smile~~


Theresa said...

Good to hear from you again. I love that he wants to know about tomorrow!

Mrs Lemon said...

Zachary's time reference for "earlier" is "yesterday." cah-RAZYtown, she is my favorite place ;)

Mrs Lemon said...

As in when I told him (again) "Stop banging the desk chair into the desk," he replied, "You tolded me that already yesterday?" - because he was finishing my standard sentence for me - "I already told you earlier to stop that."

"You tolded me that already yesterday?"

so hard to keep a straight face with this kid

Boy Mom said...

Love "Pig in a waffle iron" I love that one.

I miss the simple joys of homeschooling but not the planning I was the one asking myself, "What are we doing tomorrow" constantly. Yes I drove myself crazy.

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