Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Lack of Blogging

This is kind of a piggy back post from yesterday. Kind of. You'll see, read on. ~Smile~

I had every reason under the sun for not blogging. Some of them were good but I had one excuse that was silly~~no blog fodder. While that is untrue, because my children daily give me blog fodder, it's more of a reflection of my own fears of you all being tired of reading about the Lovelock adventures. I felt like I could no longer capture in words something you all would want to read.

Silly, right? Not silly because, maybe you all are tired of reading about the crazy my household comes up with, but silly because it's my blog. I can blog about what is important to me. I can blog about all the silly, crazy, sad, happy, hair-pulling moments in my life and that's okay. Because it's my blog. I'm not getting paid to put out a certain post daily. It's also silly because no one ever made me feel like I was boring them. It was all in my own head. I had a talk with myself (yes, I do answer myself too) and I said to myself this, "Valerie, you are ridiculous. You are not blogging all the cute, funny, crazy, zany moment's because you think someone is bored and is expecting something else. Now you have accomplished no one reading it but it's because you aren't blogging. Get blogging woman, now!" (yes, I yell at myself too)

See for a long time I viewed my blog as a family history book. I wrote because I wanted too, not because someone made me. I blogged because my kids are hilarious and hair-pulling at times. I l blogged because I had things to share and say. I guess I forgot all that. All those moments I don't want to miss, I also want to remember. And the way my rememberer is working, I'll never remember all the funny stuff they say and do. My blog is my way to walk back down memory lane and laugh or cry.

No longer is it, I blogged because or I used to blog. I'm a blogger. I blog about my life with all it's moments, sad ones, happy ones, crazy ones, zany ones, helpful ones. My moments.

Let me just say, that I want you all to read and comment. This is not a dismissal, just a better explanation for my lack of blogging. Smooches, bloggity buds and thanks for putting up with me.

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MotherT said...

I absolutely love keeping up with the Lovelocks regardless if it is just the every day frustrations that having several children involves. Please keep blogging. You've got a lot of memories to catch us up on. **smile**