Sunday, August 14, 2011

Potty Training 2.0, Installment 3

Oh boy!! Shoulda never wrote that we were doing well with the pottying!! LOL On the very day that I wrote the potty training post (see below) this is what happened:

Daniel is in his underwear for about 45 minutes and has peeped in the potty twice. Thinking that we were doing well, I sat down at the computer to type a blog post, the one (below) about Daniel and the potty. While I was typing that very post he was busy, pooping in his underwear. He didn't tell me, I just happen to smell it. I took him into the bathroom to clean him and his Thomas underwear up. I had him standing near the tub (which just happened to be such a wonderful idea, who knew??) I pulled down his pants and he steps down too soon and directly into the poopy underwear. Seriously?? I lifted his foot to get the underwear off and he stepped down on the rug. I lifted him up and over the side of the tub to wash off his feet and his foot dragged all the way over and down the tub. Really?? He was dancing around in the empty tub while I quickly cleaned up the floor and threw the rug down the laundry shoot, which made wonderful little poopy foot prints all in the tub! I turned on the water, cleaned the tub (with bath soap, but hang on), cleaned his feet, legs and well, ALL of him. Took him out, put on clean underwear and sent him out. Then I brought out the heavy duty cleaner and cleaned the tub and shower.

Promptly 10 minutes later I went to get him to take him potty (I had just finished the bathroom mop job), we get into the bathroom and he peed in the floor, on his legs and on me. So he got cleaned again, I had wiped the floor, and changed my clothes. He peed in the next two pair of underwear and got cleaned up so much he was almost shiny.

Oh, and I put him in a pull up for the rest of the day.

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MotherT said...

I'm helping my daughter, Jessica, potty-train Eva. I'm so very much right with you!!

I've cleaned up more messes lately than I can recount.