Thursday, August 25, 2011

School is in Session. . . .Almost

That's right, we here at the Lovelocks have not yet begun school. Because we do a year around program we finished summer session at the end of July, that means we don't resume until the end of August. So, in an effort to answer several questions from various people and to stop neglecting Principle Things Academy's blog, I post over there today.

Homeschooling 101, as taught by this mama.

As for Mamalovelock, well, I'm getting ready for an influx of school books and prepping schedules for three kiddos doing three very different areas of learning. I am pulling together crafts, supplies, creating attendance sheets, writing letters to local school boards informing them of our homeschool and deep cleaning so that I feel ahead of the curve ball.

Now I am pretty sure that Daniel is attempting to pour his own glass of milk, so on that note this post is coming to a close. ~Smile~

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