Thursday, September 1, 2011

Booting Summer Out the Door

I am so glad today is September 1st! I can bring out all my fall decorations without feeling like I wasn't giving summer a fair chance at all. I am done with summer, bring on FALL!!!

There are so many great things I love about Fall, so today I give you my top 10 Things I Love About Fall List:

10. Going to the zoo and staying all day because you aren't dying of heat exhaustion
9. Crunchy Leaves
8. Seeing all the colors change
7. Playing in the leaves with the kids
6. Doing art projects with leaves, pumpkins and acorns
5. All things pumpkin and fall decor
4. Picking apples at the orchard and then baking apple crisps with the kids
3. Soups, stews and honeycrisp apples!!
2. Visiting the pumpkin patch (probably more than once)
1. Cooler weather and my most favorite holiday THANKSGIVING!!!

Yes, I know I shouldn't love the cooler weather over, well, everything else but I do!! I love the mornings when it's a little brisk. I can sit on the porch with a cup of hot tea or take a walk. I love the way fall smells too. No need to tell me I'm strange, I already know it. There is just something about fall that is just plain wonderful!

I am already gathering all my soup recipes and finding new ones. I am already thinking of all the great projects the kids can do for school projects centered around fall and Thanksgiving. I am pulling out the pumpkins and other fall decor this weekend. I will also be putting together a new fall wreath (my finally just gave up and died after last year).

What do you love about fall? What are your favorite things to do in the fall?

Now, if it wasn't 102 degrees today . . . . . . come on weather, cooperate!!


Steve Finnell said...

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Boy Mom said...

I love fall too. I would add football games, and squash, love me some squash.

I was just thinking of you and your sweet family today. Big Hug!