Thursday, January 12, 2012

Handmade LOVE (THE Series #3)

(Just a few crocheted items, please forgive the school work in the background)

I love creating things. A few people seem to like what I make and the ladies at church keep me busy with accessory orders. I have tons of ideas running through this head of mine and not nearly enough time to make them all!! But I decided that this year I would open an etsy shop.

Now, to have a shop you must have stock. And those precious church ladies keep buying up my stock before I can get them listed!! ~Laughter~ But I am working diligently to get some items listed. I told them Sunday that I would have to make things and NOT bring them to church so that I can get them on the site. I am very appreciative of my sisters though, make no mistake! So, impersonating a person that has an infinite amount of time, I have opened the etsy store, despite it's lack of stock at the moment.

I made a commitment to the Lord that I would pray over every item as I am making it, that the receiver would be blessed and live in the shadow of the Almighty. I prayed and asked God to use me, in any way possible, including my etsy shop. It is my desire to share God this year, to share His faithfulness, His love, His salvation and His grace. If I can sell my handmade items and share God too, that's getting the cake and eating it. I believe God is already honoring my efforts to add to the family budget and share of His mercy.

My etsy shop is called Spindle & Linen, under SheWorkethWillingly. . . it's a Proverbs 31 thing, scriptures below.
(Note cards!)

Here are a few items that were either ordered or are for sale, just not listed yet. The pics aren't fabulous, but they work. I just wanted to share my love for handmade items and my passion to create.

(Giant black flower, jean rosettes and polk-a-dot fun)

Crochet headwraps and scarves for little girlies

Mickey Headwrap!!

Houndstooth rosette headband and broach with feathers (it's mine, but more can be made)

Special order white large flower with feathers!

The back of my head with red rose and black feathers! ~Smile~

So there you are! Fully updated about my handmade love! I love to crochet and I'm still learning to knit~hopefully by next fall the etsy shop will have crochet and knitted items. I will post a link to the etsy shop here when I have stock listed.

Here are the scriptures that I pulled from for my shop name and my purpose.

"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands."~~Proverbs 31:13

"She puts her hands to the distaff, and her hands hold the spindle.
"~~Proverbs 31:19

"She makes bed coverings for herself; her clothing is fine linen and purple."~~Proverbs 31:22

This is NOT a post about how all women should make things handmade or work with their hands~~it is simply how the Lord led me! Please take no offense!! ~Smile~

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Fiona said...

In the part about church sisters buying stuff before you could post it, I literally laughed-before you said "Laughing"!!

I love this! I both cried and laughed! I know that God will bless this effort to reach people and add to the budget. I also believe that through this ministry will come healing! I pray that as each stitch is made and each prayer is said that the Great Physician will poor healing into your body!