Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Post About Finances (THE Series #2)

I have pretty great expectations for 2012, as my previous posts have stated, but most of those expectations require action on the part of a human. . . . .mostly this human. ~smile~ Which means you could say that I have pretty high expectations of myself, for my part of the awesome that will be 2012!

Every year I sit down and say, "well woman, what will you do differently this year?" Yes, I ask myself this, hopefully, I'm pretty sure it's a silent question. But if I happen to talk to myself out loud, don't judge. Every year we commit to doing something different financially and this year is no different. Being a one income family, well, let's just say we won't be considered wealthy by the world's standard any time soon, we are always looking for a way to free up a spare dollar or two. Sometimes a spare penny! We strive to honor God in every way and finances are no different. So this year, being the family accountant (please, hold your laughter or at least snicker quietly), I sat down and said, "what is something else I can do to help this budget. . . . .legally?" My hubby works hard so that I can stay home and homeschool and generally attempt to raise our kids, so I do what I can like transcription here and there and selling my wares (this is another post all together) to assist in the accumulation of dollars. But, not unlike many others, we would like and need our dollars to go further. So, enough rambling, what are we doing. . .

  • We have committed to eating at home whenever possible, with an exception here and there.
  • We have committed to leaving our Keep the Change savings account alone, only dipping in when absolutely necessary. This year we would like to take an actual vacation. Novel idea huh? We thought so.
  • I have committed to buying our groceries at the healthiest and most cost effective store or market.
  • Buying as many items as possible with coupons and buying items on sale.
  • We have committed to thoughtful and intentional purchasing (is this a necessary purchase, etc).
  • And last but THE MOST IMPORTANT, committing our budget to God. This years financial motto is "Living well on a Godly budget".
We all know that all good things, including our paychecks, come from God. It's not enough to just give our ten percent and then go about our merry way. We need to commit all of our financial situations, good and scary, to Him. When I say we, I really just mean me, because Hubs faith is always mountainous. He is our Jehovah Jireh. So instead of just giving the tithe and offering, we are committing it all to Him. He knows better than I what we have need of and I like the peace of mind that comes with knowing He's got it all in control.

Expectation in a GREAT BIG GOD, requiring the action of LETTING GO INTO TOTAL FAITH from me and being a good steward of His blessings.

I typed this on Sunday evening. . . then I had a major testimony on Monday!!! God is so faithful!!!

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