Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Series Coming to Browsers Everywhere. . . Soon

That's right, this mama is working on a series. Actually to be truthful, a couple of series of posts that I hope will entertain and challenge and generally update you all.

The first series will be a series of posts related to the new year with all of its new year plans and agendas in making this a SPECTACULAR year. In years past, I have done a giant post outlining all these goals and plans and ides. To much info and lists and not enough meat. I don't want my posts to just be sterile and impersonal and to be really transparent, over the last couple of years my posts have been spotty and sterile. Not really letting myself be me. As a matter of fact, you really don't know me because I don't share to much from my heart. So this year is different, because I'm different. No giant post that is a sterile list of goals. No this year, posts about desires and goals and expectations from the heart of who I am. I promise I won't cross any lines (I have pretty strict boundaries) and I will obviously will share the funniest parts of my life which are named Makiah, Sam and Daniel and you will glimpse into my heart and into my life and home. This year we will laugh, explore God's Word, pray for sanity, cry, pray and everything in between on this blog.

Another series of posts will be about the Proverbs woman. Please don't stop reading, don't throw anything and no need to adjust your glasses. Yes, I said the proverbs woman. She's not so scary and I have been doing a study on that passage that I want to share with you all. Hopefully we all come out better and to so intimidated in the end. And if I am the only one intimidated by her, please don't say otherwise because I like to think I'm not alone in loathing this seemingly beautiful, talented, smart, savvy, superwoman that holds me to a crazy high standard. . . . .sorry. I got distracted. I'm not intimidated anymore, but you now see what I mean. I pray at the end we all see ourselves as proverbs women, with our own talents, abilities, family dynamics, love and homemaking obstacle courses our individual lives afford us.

February, since the beginning of this blog, has been about heart month. And this year will be no different but yet it will be. . . . .and that's all I will say right now.

Well, so much for a shortish post! Ha! Anyway, stay tuned, Mamalovelock is a blogger again. A blogger that's got boogers on her shirt sleeve (and no they aren't mine), dinner prep on her jean skirt (yes, I wiped my hands on my skirt, no judging) and her sterile gloves have been thrown away. The good, the bad and the snotty is coming your way.

Disclaimer--I have typed this post on my iPad and sometimes it doesn't like for me to go back up in the post and make corrections. Yes I am blaming the iPad for mistakes left uncorrected. I'll proof again tomorrow from the desktop. :)

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