Friday, December 30, 2011

The End is Near

Of the year that is. I can't believe another is ending. It's been an interesting year, that's for sure. I said that this year would be epic. . . .and it was, just not in the way I was expecting. But it's okay because that means 2012 gets to be magnificent, mind blowing even. It's called expectancy. I am expecting great, marvelous, awe-inspiring things and I am refusing to accept anything less.
I am very excited about 2012. But I'll blog about 2012 later.

2011 was frought with highs and lows that I don't even know if I could adequately put into words. When I think of this year in review I am amazed by God's grace, mercy and faithfulness. Despite the lows and within the highs God's fingerprints are all over 2011. Here are just a few highlights:

  • March-miscarriage of Lovelock baby #5
  • April-my baby turned 3
  • May-my sweet girl turned 10 (she is a whole post alone)
  • May-my husband was blessed with a wonderful new job
  • May-God started dealing with me on deep heart level that would take me to the wilderness and teach me about me and re-teach me about Him
  • June-the first man to join our church plant received the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name!
  • July-his fiancĂ© started coming to Bible study and received the Holy Ghost on the patio of St. Louis Bread Co. And then we baptized her
  • September-I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. I finally had a reason for extreme pain and I started treatment. No exercise at all. I'm still praying for remission. But God is teaching me to count it all joy.
  • October-God brought me to new place in Him and showed me what I needed to do about certain areas of my life (this is just more of the same journey started in May). And restored my joy, the joy I hadn't even really realized I had lost.
  • November-I picked up my crochet hooks again and I rediscovered my creativity and love for crochet projects.
  • December-brought a flurry of activities, church functions and Christmas travel. I made a decision to open an Etsy shop, I have spent a lot of time reviewing this year, making new commitments for next year and making life changing decisions.
It's been quite a year. I left out a lot of details that are just to personal to share or would just be overload, but God took me into the wilderness and I'm journeying to a place of complete sufficiency in Him. I'm still learning, growing and walking in this wilderness. But that's okay, I'm learning to like it out here, in this place where I can hear God so clearly.

While I can't say it was a bad year I can say that closing the chapter that is 2011 is good thing. I'm ready for the next chapter. The next chapter of my personal walk with God, my family and great things in store for The Movment. I'm ready for the highs and the inevitable lows of 2012 because I know God does all things well and no matter the situation, He has it well in hand.


Boy Mom said...

Beautiful post!

Made me want to come over, curl up on the couch, ignore the kids playing, and hear soooo much more.

Hope your new year is beautiful.

MotherT said...

God has been good! I'm looking forward to hearing what He's doing for you in the new year.