Thursday, March 29, 2012

Almost April??

So much for my goal to blog almost daily! Ha! I can't believe it's almost April and its been too long since I blogged!

February blew right past me with no posts whatsoever! We were sick most of February, we passed it round and round. Any posts coming forth in February would have been germ covered and you wouldn't have wanted to read any!

March brought with it spring break vacationing in Indiana, for three of us and Boston for the other two. I took Makiah and Daniel to Indiana and Hubs took Sam to Boston. It was a lovely ten days of relaxing, chilling and taking a break. It. Was. DEE-VINE. Upon returning we have been trying to make ourselves stay home and do school when it's GORGEOUS outside and all of us would rather be at the park! I really didn't want to do school this summer, but it's so nice now and in June and July it will be too hot to move. . . . so do I play now and pay the schoolmarm later?? Since I'm the schoolmarm, I get to decide. We will work till we are done, but we won't pass up some opportunities for enjoying the weather (while it's still enjoyable).
We are however trying to get our big projects done for the academic day at church. Makiah has a space project, a sewing project, a social studies project and two book reports to do. Sam will be making a diorama of creation for his science project, since he officially started first grade in January.

What are you all filling your spring days up with? Are you ready for summer break or does that make you quake with fear? Are you cleaning out? (I am, but that's another post)

Now, I have lots to do this afternoon and Pinterest keeps getting in my way. ~Smile~

I leave you with this. . .

May your swim goggles never be foggy!

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