Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Scripture a Day. . . .

We will finish the title in a minute.

I am human. Yes, it's true. I know that you all think I'm a superhero, but I'm not. Just ask my husband. ~Smile~ I am just a woman that wears many hats. Some days I wear those hats well and some days, well some days I avoid the mirrors to avoid seeing disheveled I actually look. I have come to terms with my humanness, for I realize there is no cure. I make mistakes, I get grouchy (another shocking revelation, I know), I get tired, annoyed with other humans, frustrated, overwhelmed and more. I also get all the good stuff too, you like days of productivity, happiness, joyful, loving, content, creative, the list goes on. But the bottom line always comes back to me being a human, with all the frailties and talents allotted to humanity. And being a human not only keeps my feet on the ground, it keeps me in need of a Savior. I'm so glad I know one!

I'm getting to the real meat of this post, I promise.

A very anointed man I know has a saying, "instead of worrying about reading the Bible through, how about choosing a scripture or a passage and really living it". Meaning: not that reading the whole thing through is bad, but if you can't live it what's the point, right? Right! So I decided to choose a passage to work on living. I chose a passage in January and needless to say I'm still working on it. But as an addendum to picking a passage to live, I have been choosing a scripture to commit to memory every day or every few days depending on the scripture. Positive thinking takes on a whole new look when you aren't just thinking positive, but you are entreating the Word upon your situation. There is power in the Word of God. It is sharper than a two edged sword. It brings peace to a troubled heart. It gives direction. It encourages us to keep pressing on. It leads you to salvation. It reveals the Savior and His heart toward us, His children.

That old saying, "an apple day keeps the doctor away" got me thinking. Just like eating good, healthy food keeps our bodies functioning well, the Word of God is our nourishment for our spirit. Soul food, if you will (yes I had to go there). I know we know this, but we need to KNOW it, eat it, hide it in our hearts for the day that we need that Word and no one is calling to encourage us or writing on our facebook wall to uplift our hearts. Sometimes we just need a word, literally a Word. . . .straight from God's heart to mine. How much easier is it to have a Word when you can call it out without needing a concordance to find it again?! Instead of telling yourself how strong your are and that you can get through this, quote the scripture that "all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me". Because I know how strong I am alone and how strong He makes me.

A scripture a day keeps. . . .

. . . .Satan at bay (notice I did not say away, he will always keep trying)
. . . .a mama sane on a stressful day
. . . .a human heart connected to the one and only super power available
. . . .peace in the heart when fear tries to creep in
. . . .joy in place when sorrow threatens to overtake you

There is something about hiding the Word of God deep within your heart. Have I arrived? NO! Absolutely not! There are days where I haven't hidden a Word in my heart, I must try again the next day. I am human. I will still get frustrated, crabby, tired and so on. . . .it's why need the Word of God so desperately. Every. Single. Day.

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Pedro Alberto said...

I Don't really know if this is going to work for you, but... Since you are good at writing may be it does.
Today I was feeling a little like you in this post, and I have written a little history were I was trying to get better, to find my own peace of mind. (The propose since the beginning was to find it)...And that helped me allot. Maybe the word of God is is hidden somewhere on your heart all the time, but you have to help him to find and to help you!