Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Currently On My Hook

Good lovely morning to ya!  Time is flying by me this week, well, and month and well, year!  I mean, really I already need to be thinking and starting the baby hat charity project!  Whew, maybe next week while I'm on "vacation".

Anywho, back to the purpose of today's post. . .a works in progress post, connected to a meme.  It's been awhile since I linked up to a meme, but this one just seemed to fit.  I mean, its a Work In Progress meme, like I said, it just fit.  If you are a yarn crafter and have a project to share link up here!!

Being the crochetess (yes, like lioness but crochetess) that I am, I have many, many things on my hooks right now.  I have a baby hat (summer weave) under way, I have another drawstring bag underway, a pair of socks (that will be a WIP for years I feel certain~GAH!) and my shawl.  Yes, MY shawl.  It dawned on me a few months ago that while I make loads of crochet items I don't have any for myself.  Don't get me wrong I love to make things for others, but I have nothing to show people when they ask what I make except a picture.  So I decided that between orders for the business and gifts for others I would throw in the occasional item for myself.  Last week I made myself a pair of slippers (very cute, different post).  But then I ran across this pattern on Ravelry that made me want to start crocheting immediately!  It was beautiful but simple.  Since I have never made a shawl before I wanted something simple to get me started and this pattern was perfect.

I love picking out colors for a new project.  I stood in my local crafty store comparing and debating and finally decided on Lion Brand Homespun (which was the yarn suggested and happens to be one of my favorites) and the name of the color is Painted Desert.  I love this yarn because it a fabulous luxurious feel to the finished project and the colors are gorgeous!  It is a beautiful variegated.  I could continue to try and describe it, but I'll just show you the picture instead.  ~Smile~

Doesn't this yarn just make you smile?  Actually it makes me smile and then sigh in contentedness.  I love the deep tones from a burnt orange to a light purple and many other colors in between, this yarn makes me happy.  I can see myself, sipping hot tea, shawl around my shoulders, reading an ebook on a chilly, crisp fall morning. . .awwww. . . okay, enough rambling.  Back to reality.

I have never worked a pattern that had a point, so the first few rows were slow going, just getting used to the pattern, but now I'm rolling.  

This pattern calls for 32 rows and I'm just starting row 11.  I think though that I want my shawl to be a little wider so I will have a few more rows.  Hook size:  L11/8.00 mm.

I am hoping to have a different WIP for next Wednesday, but only time will tell.  ~Laughter~

Now I just need fall to hurry and get here so that I can wear my colorful shawl and sip hot tea!

*I am not getting paid by Lion Brand to promote their yarn.  I just love it.  But Lion Brand if you are interested in letting play with your yarn and review it, I won't complain.  Promise.