Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Country Girl at Heart

I am on vacation. That's right, I flew the coop, course I took all the chicks with me. Hubs had to stay home and work. One might ask who is really getting the vacation. . .him or me? Ha! Just kidding, you all know I love my kids.

Anyway, we are living it up here in beautiful central Indiana. We are visiting my spectacular parents. They are pretty amazing people. We have tons of family that live here, so we are seeing lots of cousins, aunts and uncles and a couple of great grandparents, too. My parents live in the country, on twenty-two acres of woods. It's quiet out here, peaceful. I love it. Course I only love it for about a week or so and then I start having Target withdrawal. I mean the nearest Target is 45 miles away. Oh the horror. I plan on hitting Target on Monday.

My kids get a small taste of country life, in shorts bursts. They love to go fishing with Grandpa, hike in his woods, put corn out for the deer, play in the garage (which is more like a gym) and visit the bait shop. It's a great break from the city and busyness of the city. Out here they get to play outside without mama worrying about cars or crazies. I love the deep quietness that is very prevalent, no sirens or airplanes or noisy cars with loud music. I love that everybody knows everybody (well, I like it most of the time, it has it's downfalls too). I love the friendliness and neighborliness of country folks. Country cooking is what I cook best. Give me a bon fire, hot dogs and good friends and I'm a happy girl. I was born and raised in this part of the country. I love that I was raised in a small town. I have to admit, I do love living just minutes from the grocery store, gas station and a Target. I like not having to drive two hours to the nearest airport or speciality hospital. But I do love small town living. There is something to be said about not being able to see in your neighbors window by simply opening your shades (city houses are TOO close). I say things like y'all and folks. I even lived in a log cabin as a teenager (and yes, it was fully modern, bathroom and all). I'm not sure how I ended up with love for the big city, but I did.

But I'll always be a country girl at heart.

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