Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spindle and Linen? Yes, It's My Business

Handmade.  I love handmade items.  I love to make them, I love to get them.  There is just something about an item that is handmade.  It's special, it has a special value.  It screams, "cherish me".

A few years ago I really jumped back into being a crafty sort.  I have always enjoyed it but having littles around didn't always make it easy and I just got away from it.  Well, something inspired me and I got to making headbands and brooches for myself and my daughter and a few family members.  It wasn't anything too serious.  I enjoyed it and it was definitely cheaper to make my own items.  I was a little rusty, but using a hot glue gun soon got to be second nature.

Soon other ladies in the church started asking where I got my hair accessories from and I happily replied that I had made them.  Not long after that I started getting requests for headbands, brooches and clips.  It started small.  And it just grew and grew.  After about a year I had a Facebook page and now an Etsy shop.  Just as my business grew in terms of customers so has my variety of items.  I started with just hair accessories and brooches.  Now I have a variety of crochet items and very soon sewn items will be appearing.

I get a lot of odd looks when people see the name of my business, Spindle & Linen.  Spindle & Linen comes from the Proverbs 31 passage.  Here are the two scriptures:

"She puts her hands on the distaff and her fingers hold a spindle."~Proverbs 31:19 GWT

"She seeks out wool and linen [with care] and works with willing hands."~Proverbs 31:13 GWT

See, the Proverbs 31 woman was a woman with many talents, who accomplished many things.  She not only looked well over her house, but she used the talents that she had to add to the family.  (I am by no means saying I am that woman, I am striving to be that woman)  I can't go on about this because I have other posts coming really picking apart this passage, but I wanted the name of my business to mean something.  Not necessarily to everyone else, but to me.  Reminding me of it's purpose.

The reason I sell my handmade items is to benefit my family.  Period.  It's icing on the cake that I enjoy doing it.  I love working with my hands.  I feel like God gives us talents and it's up to us to do something with those talents.  Making things for my family is one way I use those talents another way is to sell those items.

"She makes quilts for herself.  Her clothes are made of fine linen and purple."~Proverbs 31:22 GWT

So I am a stay at home mom first.  But while at home, I work with my hands.  It's totally a win win situation.

To see some of my handmade items check out these sites:

Spindle & Linen on Facebook

Spindle & Linen Etsy Shop

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Oh!!  And please forgive the picture of me.  I was working without a mirror and showing someone what the headband looked like and didn't realize it was too far over.  LOL

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