Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Business, Craftiness and SHEETS

I love crafting, crocheting, sewing and I am pretty sure that I would love knitting and quilting too, if I could ever get the time to learn how.  I am working on those last two things!  I also enjoy making accessories for ladies and little ladies to wear.  What started out as my own need for hair accessories has blossomed into a fairly good business from the ladies around me.  I would wear the headband and then someone else wanted one and the next thing you know a bunch of someones wanted some and well, here we are.  I also love crochet and taking a simple strand of yarn and making it into something beautiful.  I am ever expanding what I am making and trying out new things.  Some things haven't turned out so well, but other things have turned out better than expected.  From this love of working with my hands was born, Spindle & Linen.  But I will talk about my business more tomorrow!  Today I wanna talk about this. . . .

I am so excited about this!!!  I love fabric and it is a great idea to buy vintage sheets and swap them with other crafty-lovin' people!!  I haven't been reading Polka Dot Cottage for very long, as a matter of fact the reason I happened upon it is because of my need for a fun, fancy crochet hook (I mean really, what crochetess wouldn't want one of those?!?!?) and then started following her on Twitter and then finally it dawned on me to actually read her blog (this should tell you how long it's been since I have been a devoted blog reader).  I LOVE it!!  It's is packed with the fun, the interesting, the yummy, the helpful and just plain ol' good reading!!  So if you are a lover of crafty, crochet or a good read you need to follow her and read this blog.  But more importantly you need to jump in and join up with the sheet swap!!  There will be a button to click on at the side of the blog, click away and go sign up!!!  You want to, I know you do!!  ~Smile~

And yes, I am aware that there is no such word as crochetess, but there is now.  I am one!  ~Laughter~