Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday, while going through some recently acquired Pre-K stuff for Daniel, I came across a happy little find in the bottom of the box.  I knew what it was immediately and I giggled when I saw it.  My kids looked at me as if I was crazy because to them it appeared that I was giggling over some flashcards.  I pulled the little treasure up from the box and I will treasure for a while what happened next.

Sam and Daniel were watching with rapt attention.  I pulled it out and their faces were priceless!  Noses crinkled, eyes wide and bewilderment etched on their dirty little boy faces.  I opened the lid and Sam, in a tone of complete confusion said, "what is that thing?"  Daniel was so bewildered the poor boy was rendered speechless.  Makiah knew what it was and she just continued to do whatever it was she was doing.

I said, "it's a cassette tape."  Sam quickly responded with, "what is a cazzette tape?" (yes, emphasis on the z), as Daniel very cautiously reached out to touch it.  You would have thought I was holding an alien!  I said this is what music used to be recorded on and how daddy and I listened to all our favorite singers.  Daniel quickly looked up at me and said, "mama, but there is no screen (referencing iPhones and iPods)."  I couldn't help it, I was cracking up.  Sam said, "how in the world do you listen to music on this?"  So I explained that there are recordings on that tape inside and you put in into a tape player and you listen.  Then, thinking it would help my case, I said, "you know that slot in the van where we have that white thing with the cord we plug up our iPhones too and we can listen to music and podcasts?  That slot is a cassette player."  Sam quickly responded with, "but there is no cord on this cazzette, so how do you listen?"  At this point I realized there was no reason to continue attempting to explain, they would just have to listen on the next car trip.  A little while later Sam comes to me while I'm washing dishes, contemplation on his face and asks, "mom is there podcasts on those cazzettes too?"  Amid laughter and sighs I responded, "no son, there was no such thing back then."

When I was a kid adults were amazed that I didn't know what an eight track was and now my littlest ones have no idea what a cassette tape is or life with no iPhones or iPods.

I could really shock them if I were to pull out a record!  ~Laughter~