Sunday, July 29, 2012

Year of Projects Update

I only have a few minutes, so this is a blazing fast update!  ~Smile~

I have finished the chicken hat from my list!  It was fun and a lot easier to make than I thought.  Even though I had purchased a pattern, I didn't like it and it was difficult to understand, so I took bits and pieces from various other patterns (mostly my own) and just created as I went.  And if I so say myself, I think he turned out cute.

I have two baby hats done for charity, those I really need to get moving on!!

I have several hexagons done for another market bag that I am making in a larger size.

I have to say that already I am challenging myself to do more and try more things in my crochet.

Next week this post will hopefully be longer, have more pics and have more things checked off my list!!  Sorry for the short and to the point today!



Mary said...

short and sweet makes for great posts...I saw a chicken hat exactly like and put the pattern somewhere...I have to try and make every silly hat, cuz I love them.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Your hat is SO cute!

Anonymous said...

supercute! I'm probably going to have to add it to my list my three year old was chicken obsessed for about a week after reading a storybook. If she spots this, i'll be in trouble!

GirlAnachronismE said...

Very cute hat!