Friday, July 6, 2012


I think.  I hate to celebrate to soon, but this is just celebration worthy!

Daniel is no longer hiding to poo!!  Yes, you read that sentence correctly!!  We have been hard core potty training for over a year and half and I had tried everything to get him to poo in the potty.  Two weeks ago I escorted him to the potty and he asked to sit.  So I said okay and he said, "uh, I think I have to poop."  I told him that's fine and go in the potty and he did and he hasn't looked back!  He hasn't had an accident in two weeks!

After nearly two years of potty training and buying training diapers and such I can finally say,
"HE ONLY NEEDS A PULL-UP AT NIGHT!!!!"  And yes, I mean all caps and bold, I am THAT excited!

Daniel is excited too.  He isn't shy about telling you of his accomplishments.

My silly, sweet, wild four old looked at me and said, "whew, now I really am a big boy."

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