Thursday, July 5, 2012

On the Hook

Bright colors!!  I love bright colors and right now I'm working on a market bag in, what else?  Bright colors.

I am using the Hexagon Market Bag Pattern from Lion Brand.  This is the second one I've made and I just love everything about it!  The hexagons were intimidating at first, but once I got the hang of it, they just fly off my hook!  I love all the millions of color combinations that can be done.  The bag is a nice size.  The one thing I did change is the hook size.  I am using an I hook instead of H.

I fell in love with these Sugar 'n Cream colors.  It all started with the variegated and I went from there.  Not being able to find a yellow that matched suitably, I just went with orange and pink and I love it!

I love how fast progression is due to how quick the hexagons go.  And since they are ever changing, I don't get bored.  ~Smile~  I have to have projects that keep my interest.

I have completed all the hexagons and they are sewn together. All that's left is the handles.  Look's like it will go to the farmers market with me Saturday!

Have a great Wednesday!!

Do you have a WIP too?  Link up here, share so we can all see too!!

*I am not getting paid by Lion Brand to promote their yarn or by Lily Sugar n Cream.  I just love it.  But if either company is interested in letting play with their yarn and review it, I won't complain.  Promise.

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