Thursday, August 2, 2012

Play-Doh Cake

I have a little addiction.  I love to watch Cake Boss.  And since I watch on Netflix, I can watch to many episodes in a row, but this post is not about self-control.  We can talk about that another day.  It just absolutely amazes me how he takes cake, rice crispy treats and icing in various forms and makes amazing, edible works of art! And he has obviously inspired my children too.

The other day, you know one of those days where it was like 147.8 degrees outside and we were hiding in our cooler-than-outside-but-not-cold house we broke out a new package of play-doh.  Now my kids like most kids enjoy play-doh but after so long they tire of it.  Not this day.  Sam was the one playing with it and he wanted all the colors.  I relented and let him open all four colors and he kept hiding what he was making.  He worked for nearly two hours before he would let me see what he made.  He was making a cake.  Not just any cake, but a cake like the Cake Boss would make.  It had four colors, three tiers and snowmen on the top (I think it was a sub conscience plea for a break in the weather).  He had cut out shapes for the sides and laid white around the bottom like piping.  I was shocked!  He had done a great job.  I went for my camera only to come back and he was disassembling it because he, "already had a new design in mind".  Yes, a direct quote.  *Sigh*  While I am disappointed that I do not have a picture of his creations, I am just amazed at how inspired he is right now.  My little ball of energy, that can't sit still for twenty minutes in a row if you paid him too, stayed at that table for a total of five and a half hours!!  And I didn't get one picture!

Once Makiah saw what Sam was doing she jumped into the fray as well.  She didn't take hers apart before I could get a picture.  This is her first play-doh cake creation:

It is a dark picture and the green light on her stoplight is in the wrong place, but I thought it was adorable.  I will get better pictures the next time.

All the recent play-doh activity has only renewed my love for this squishy, squashy fun stuff.  I think we may even make some homemade play-doh next week to use for school.

Speaking of school, we officially start Monday!!  YAY and ACK all in the same breath!!  {Laughter}  Yay because I love a new school year and ACK because I can't believe it is already August and the 2012-2013 school year is about to commence.

I am updating the homeschooling page frequently.  There is currently a new post and another will be up tomorrow.  Click here to read.

One last thing, Mom may or may not have been so inspired by her children that she joined in the fun and made a cake that did not have it's picture taken either.  {Wink}

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