Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Days

Some days just do not start well.  Nothing epically horrific has happened, just a morning where nothing seems to go right.  More irritating than bad. The toothpaste is gone and you thought you had another tube, but as it turns out, you don't (so adults and kids alike are brushing with watermelon toothpaste).  There are four hundred socks in the clean laundry for your hubby but there are absolutely no matching pairs (really?!?!?).  You walk out the door without your keys and your eleven year old (thankfully) has her key and can let you back in to get said keys.

I know we would all like to wake up 100% refreshed and ready to start the day.  We would like for everything to just fall right into place with no hiccups at all.  We would like to float our way to work or through schoolwork/housework (whatever the case may be).  It would be appreciated if our boss/coworkers/family (again whatever the case may be) would be appreciative for all we do and be happy, joyful, cooperative people all the time.  We would love for life to just flow along like a peaceful babbling brook. . . . but reality is, sometimes it's more like shooting the rapids.  Sometimes we are flummoxed and socks don't match and the toothpaste is all gone.  Sometimes you forget your keys.  And always as long as we around humans at all, someone might be crabby, tired or unappreciative.

It's life.  It's filled with ups and downs.  It's got twists and turns, small irritations and grand rapids to conquer.  There are good days and bad days.

And then there are some days. . . I keep telling the Lord that a rewind button would be helpful but His response is always the same. . . "Give me all your days daughter and I'll sustain you."  I can't go back, but I can make a choice to not let the rough start drag the entire day down.  Will I let minor irritations ruin my attitude?

God never promised that all my days would be grand, happy, painless and carefree.  He did promise that He would keep me through every single day, no matter what it brings.

So I add toothpaste to the shopping list, continue to look for and match socks and go get a few extra keys made so that we don't have that problem again.  But first, I think I'll talk to my Father.  I think I'll pour my heart out for all I'm thankful for (because there are many things) and for all I still need Him to help me be, then I'll jump on that to do list.

*Yes I am aware that this is Tuesday, with a Meaningful Monday badge.  It just seems to match how my Tuesday is going.  :)

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