Thursday, May 2, 2013

12 Years, It's Just a Moment

Twelve years ago today, I was just one week away from turning 22.  I was 39 weeks pregnant with a wild little girl and I was done being pregnant and I'm certain Hubs and my not-quite-one year old son was too!!  I went to the hospital and 7 hours after being induced a screaming seven pound thirteen ounce girl joined our family.  I haven't been the same since.

Each child changed our lives in some way.  But this wriggling miracle brought with her the possibilities of hair bows, sparkly shoes and baby dolls.  She hasn't disappointed in the area of girliness!!  She has always been slightly more dramatic than the boys, she has a heap of purses and shoes and Hello Kitty is plastered on just about everything in her room.  She is beautiful, funny, zany, artistic, creative and talented.  But more important than all of those traits, she is responsible, loving, caring, compassionate, has a desire to interpret for the deaf and hard of hearing at church and loves God.  I remember her being only two years old, hauling Hubs Strong's Concordance around saying, "Me study yike Daddy" and she was determined to do so.  She was writing a kids Bible study two summers ago so that when the neighborhood kids would come over they could have Bible study.  More recently she wrote a song about knowing that she can depend on God.  I'm so thankful and pray that she holds onto that love for God and desire for more throughout her WHOLE life!

She daily makes me smile.  She also challenges me, daily, to answer her 10,000 questions, which have got much harder over the years.  I would love to go back to questions like why the sky is blue and how fish breathe under water.  Now she asks questions like, why are people so cruel (in reference to things like the robberies and the Boston bombing) and questions about boys, dating and marriage.  Seriously?!?!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

We have thousands of memories.  Thousands of giggles and tickles and tears.

It all feels like just a moment.

 She is reading a book about preaching!  And around 
her neck is a Bible quizzing medal.  April 2013

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MotherT said...

I know how you feel. Just wait until the first time you hold her firstborn and all the memories flood over you! Try to hang onto all of the memories as they happen, because it really does go so fast!