Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Season

Mamalovelock is still alive and well, she just felt the need for a change.

So I will be blogging more often. . .hopefully.  ~Laughter~

I'm still very much a mommy.  I still have very, very funny kids.  I still have tons of recipes to share, feel passionately about heart health awareness and yes, I'm still striving to balance all those spinning plates I have in the air.

So while many posts will be like they always have, you won't find posts about toddling toddlers (well, not mine anyway), cloth diapering, potty training or even preschool work.  Check the archives if you want to read of my previous adventures, I will read them often.

The previous two years I have changed quite a bit, new season of life, new blog.  It was time.

My life, Living Under the Umbrella. . .of God.  Living under this umbrella I find all that I need and the most precious things. . .unconditional love, grace and peace.

I love it here.


MotherT said...

I found you!!! I love the new look and the new name of your blog! Isn't it wonderful living under the umbrella of His Grace and Love??

Valerie said...

It is wonderful!! No other place I'd rather be!!