Thursday, May 9, 2013

34 Balloons for 34 Years and 34 Things

Age doesn't really bother me.  I didn't get all freaked out when I turned 30 and I am not freaking out today.  Today I am 34 and I'm thankful for another year.  I can honestly say I physically feel better (concerning arthritis) this year than I did last year, so I celebrate that blessing!  Actually I'm quite blessed and I don't mean I only have one thing to celebrate.  So in honor of my 34th birthday I am posting 34 things I am thankful for and some of them are not so obvious.  ~Smile~

  1. God.  Everything about God.  Cannot, will not and do not want to live without Him.
  2. My Bible ~ it keeps me sane.
  3. My hubby ~ 14 years together and we are both still alive. Love him with much muchness. ~Wink~
  4. My kids ~ 13 years of being a mommy and everyday I still pray I am getting it right.
  5. My parents ~ couldn't ask for a better set of parents.  They rock!
  6. My girlfriends ~ where would a girl be without them??
  7. My Pastor and First Lady ~ They have blessed me more than they can ever know.
  8. My family ~ blood and otherwise, our family is awesome!
  9. Homeschooling ~ I am thankful I have the right to choose and I love it! (most of the time)
  10. Yarn ~ it gives me a hobby, a way to earn a little cash and inspires creativity.
  11. Fun crochet hooks ~ they make my already fun hobby even more fun.
  12. My iPhone ~ it is not a necessity, but it keeps me smart ~Smile~
  13. Books ~ it allows me to travel to different times and places without leaving my cuppa tea and my cozy couch.
  14. My iPad ~ for many reasons, but mostly for electronic books.  See above.  ~Wink~
  15. My dishwasher ~ Heaven knows I do not enjoy doing dishes, so my dishwasher is very special to me.  
  16. Flip flops ~ I hate wearing shoes.  Flip flops allow me to, almost, not wear shoes from April to October.  Divine.
  17. Ginger ale.  Yes, I truly love ginger ale and today I am thankful for it.
  18. My journal.  I pour all my words into that journal and therefore I run my mouth less otherwise.  ~Wink~
  19. Toilet paper.  I think that one is self explanatory.  
  20. My mini van.  It's older and not the most fabulous van around, but it gets me where I need to go and it puts space between the children.  ~Smile~
  21. Ear buds.  I love being hands free to talk.
  22. Our homeschool group ~ They are an awesome group of homeschool families and I'm truly thankful we are apart of HELPS.
  23. Facebook ~ Some days I'm thankful for FB and other days not so much.  But I am thankful that it keeps me close to friends and family far away.
  24. St. Louis Bread Co CWE ~ I'm thankful for them because they are awesome and welcoming to our church plant.  
  25. The Movement ~ I am thankful for our church plant for so many reasons!!
  26. FroYo ~ Who doesn't love frozen yogurt??
  27. Bobby pins ~ Those little pieces of mental make a world of difference in hair style.  ~Smile~
  28. Maxi dresses ~ Comfy clothes are a must.  Because of maxi dresses I can be comfy and still look nice and modest.  
  29. Washer and Dryer ~ This is a no brainer.  When you have laundry in the quantities we have, these are a blessing!!
  30. Hubby's job ~ It's a blessing, with good insurance and benefits.  I thank God daily for it.  (Which by-the-way, he started at exactly two years ago today.)
  31. Trees ~ I love trees, the colors, the flowering varieties especially.  They provide shade and oxygen.  I am thankful for oxygen, despite the pollen, I do love the trees.
  32. Ability to move ~ Because I have a debilitating arthritis, I am thankful for another year of being able to move.  I may not get to do everything I would like too, but I'm better this year than last and for this I am abundantly grateful!
  33. Fresh fruit ~ There is nothing sweeter and yummier than fresh strawberries, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe and the list goes on.  God out did Himself with the Creation of fruit.  ~Smile~
  34. My gray hair ~ I don't have an abundance yet, but I do like them.  Why am I thankful for them?  At least it's still hair on my head.  I'd rather have gray, than none at all.  ~Wink~

So today, my 34th birthday, I shall play with my kids and have a milkshake with them, we will go to the bookstore, we will read a funny book, possibly do a lapbook, fold laundry (because that's a given) and do a load of dishes (another given), we will giggle and laugh as much as possible and I will end the day with Bible study in the Central West End.  

It will be a great day.  

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