Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Days I Miss My Saxophone

Years ago, back when poofs were cool, telephones were connected to the wall and the internet didn't exist (in my world anyway), I played a saxophone.  It feels like a century ago, but since I'm only 34 it isn't possible it was that long ago.

My dad played the sax and so in my fifth grader brain that made perfect since that I would too and I absolutely loved playing.  I was in the band for several years, but I never played at church.  I only played by note and I was afraid to take to the platform and hope for my ears to pick up the correct notes.  I loved the sound of the saxophone and I still love to hear good sax music.

Sometimes, it doesn't happen often, I miss playing my sax.  Some days I regret putting my sax away and not ever pulling it out again.  I can't even remember why I put it away.  Honestly, I don't remember.  I knew I had no desire to play in the marching band (the practices interfered with church activities) but there was jazz band I could have played in, but when I hit high school I stopped playing. I regret it.  I regret not being courageous enough to play at church and pray my ears could hear the key. I regret not playing with the jazz band for the one and only year I went to public high school.  And before you ask, yes I graduated, from a christian school.  I regret walking away from all the musical knowledge I had learned and practiced so hard to learn.

Today is one of those days.  One of those days that I miss playing and creating music.

I have always secretly wanted to and still want to play a soprano sax.  The most beautiful tones come from a soprano sax and I want to play.  So maybe one day I will.  Maybe one day I will open up that case, buy a new reed {hahahaha, if you play you will know why} and revive my blowing skills.  Maybe one day I will buy a soprano and learn to play.

Just maybe. . . .sometime before I loose all my teeth.

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