Friday, May 24, 2013

Thoughts from the Bedside

My sweet girl is in the hospital again.  ~Everyone say "awww" together~

Poor baby girl was doing so great, the ulcerative colitis was under control and then she got a little 24 hour bug and BAM!  A full on flare.  So here we are keeping the awesome nursing staff company.  She was admitted on Monday and I am just now getting a good enough internet connection to write a post.

Unfortunately or fortunately, it depends on the day you ask me, I am not unaccustomed to hospital dwelling.  Although when we were guests of Mercy back in January, it had been several years since I had needed to camp out bedside to a precious sweetie, I still worked it like a pro.  So here we are again, my sweet girl, a guest of her sweet doctor and me, the bedside pro.  ~Smile~

I know you are wondering when I am going to get to the actual thoughts part, I am getting there, promise I am.  There are so many thoughts bouncing around in my head like a rubber ball.  Not bad thoughts or fearful ones, just thoughts.  So here is a peek into my head:

  • Lazy Boy really needs to step it up, donate comfy chairs to the all the children's hospitals for mom's and dad's to have a comfy recliner.  I'm really not complaining, but these recliners are not so cool after 3 days.  Just saying.
  • Making the bedside parent a survival basket or bringing them non-hospital food is delightful and appreciated!
  • The caregiver needs to get out of the room everyday for some period of time.  It can be short, but they must leave the room.  I learned this the hard way years and years ago and since she is older and can speak up if she needs help I do leave the room a couple times a day and walk around.
  • A call, a drop by, a cute balloon or a funny card makes all the difference in the world to the patient and in turn to the bed side camper. . . BUT keep it upbeat, positive and funny.  Don't tell any sad, scary or "well, I had someone die from this" stories.  It doesn't do anyone any good.
  • Being in the hospital is hard on the whole family.  The one parent at home is doing it alone and the other children are missing mom (or dad if that's the case).  Don't forget about the family at home, still moving through life while being concerned for the hospital guests.

Five thoughts, just the five I felt were blog-worthy.  All these are things people know, but sometimes don't actually take in and put into practice.  The care givers tends to forget to care for themselves, people often forget about the family at home, people want to tell the craziest stories to the patient usually striking fear in their hearts and who wouldn't want a better place to sit when sitting is the primary job of the bedside dweller.  People ask me or tell me so often that they don't know what to do when something like this is going on. . . now you know.  Sometimes just being there with the simple things, you know, less is more.

Biggest thought of the week, bouncing around in my head. . . .I'm so glad I am personal friends with the Great Physician and He does ALL things well.  I have peace like a river. . . . . 

. . . . . actually it's more like I'm floating in that river.  

*This post is informational.  I am not begging for baskets or balloons or visitors.  We have been so blessed with food, gifts and visits.  

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