Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's Not Fair

A most popular phrase around my house.

Sometimes my kids say it too.  {Laughter}  Just kidding.  It is probably made most popular by my youngest child.  I think it's his anthem.

The other two have been guilty of saying this, as have I.  But I absolutely hate this phrase, when being said by my kids of course.  {Smile}

Why do I hate this phrase so much?  Well, besides it just being such a whiny thing to say, the fact is that many things in life won't be fair.  It's just the way of life.  Things happen, or don't, and it won't be fair.

One of my children was bemoaning their current state as being unfair the other day and I have to admit I was about to lose it completely.  He had gone on and on about whatever it was and mama was abundantly frustrated.  See this wasn't the first time on this particular day that he had stated, "it's nooooooot fair" through a myriad of tears and arm crossings.  I decided it would be best if I found a quiet place for just a minute before sitting him down for ANOTHER conversation about whatever he thought was wrong.  Yes, I needed a mama time out.  Where did I find such a place?

The bathroom.  Yes, it was the only place that I could escape, lock the door and pray they wouldn't knock.

I leaned against the counter and prayed this very simple prayer, "Lord, please help me to help him so that I don't lose it completely."  I said it in a most calm voice, but on this particular day I was out of words.  The Lord heard me and of course, being the loving God and master teacher that He is, He began to teach me.

I did ask for help didn't I?

I stood in my bathroom, illumination filling me yet again, about how whiny I must sound to my Heavenly Daddy.  How many times in prayer did I run to Him, crying in a loud voice, lip out, arms crossed proclaiming that "THIS IS NOT FAIR GOD, WHY???"  I must have looked just like my son.  I have to imagine that God probably gets a little annoyed with me too.

I know you have heard these things before, but they are probably worth hearing again.

When dealing with our children we explain that life isn't fair and that someone will probably get to do something, have something or go somewhere that we won't get.  We know that in the physical realm looking around at what everyone else is getting/going causes jealousy and discontent.  We teach our children this life lesson, usually multiple times.

Problem is we, in all of our adultness, don't get it.

When life happens, {cars break, illness comes, money is low or nonexistent, different homes cannot be obtained, things aren't moving fast enough for us, or others seem to have the ministry we want, yada, yada, yada} we stick out our lip, and let the Lord know that this is not fair.  Usually followed quickly with a "do you not hear my prayers and see my faithfulness?"

How is it that we comprehend in our brains that things aren't fair, but our heart and spirit sink when the winds of life begin to blow, suddenly our faith falters and we begin to tell God how unfair things are for us.

It's not an issue of fairness, not really.  It's an issue of faith.  Things stop going our way and suddenly we don't believe that God knows where we are and that He no longer cares for us.  Fundamentally, we know this isn't true but in the season of distress. . . .it isn't fair.

In the book of James chapter 1:2, he admonishes us to count it all joy because the testing of our faith produces steadfastness.  Further down he tells us that a double minded man will receive nothing from the Lord and that he is unstable in all his ways.  Ouch!  So the conclusion of the matter is simple. . .

God knows.  He is neither blind or deaf, He knows exactly where you are and what you are facing.  He expects us to count it all joy in times of adversity and trials, so that we may become steadfast, unwavering.  Even when He is silent, even when things are not going the way we think it should, count it all joy. . . be steadfast and let steadfastness work in us it's perfect way, so that we may be lacking in nothing.

It's not fair, we were never promised fair, but God is faithful.  Trust in Him, He will see you through. . . .just don't be a double-minded man.

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