Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh the Insanity

This week has just been crazy. I have ran from Monday to now and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. Well, I have accomplished a few things here at home, but not nearly enough packing is done. I have been busy with church things and tomorrow is basically gone and it's not even here yet.

After tomorrow I should be able to fully concentrate on the packing. I still have toys to go through (it's a big job, trust me) and clothes (I really don't know where these clothes keep coming from), and I am anxious to get this over with. Did I mention how much I hate moving!!

Daniel has done nothing but eat today. He must be going through another growth spurt because he is chowing down the food. Course that means he is also puking a lot. I hate reflux, I feel so bad for him. I am calling the doc tomorrow (if I still have the marbles to remember) to get him on some meds because the puking is worse than it's ever been. He's a cutie though. As I was going through a box tonight I ran across a picture of Nathaniel when he was three months old. He was so little that Daniel is his size at that picture. I didn't realize how much he looks like Nathaniel. I held the pic beside him and was like WOW!! So he is going to seriously resemble his big brother, to bad Nathaniel isn't here to enjoy his brothers and drama-queen sister. *Sigh* *Sniff*

I just want to say how blessed I am. I love my children so much and they bring such joy to our lives. Tonight as I reflect on the craziness of the week and all the things we have going on, I remember the most important task(s) I have--my family. I wouldn't trade being a SAHM for all the money in the world. Some things ya just can't buy. The Lord has intrusted us with three (four, but God took him home already) miracles and I am so thankful.

I am so blessed.

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