Monday, August 25, 2008

Jump Aboard Scallywags!!

Well, Open Grill was a great success with an amazing ship as the centerpiece decoration. It was huge. It ended up being 18 feet long, at it's lowest point it was 6 feet tall and at it's tallest point it was 14 feet tall. It even had an Urban Angel on the bow (no mermaids here). Unfortunately it was already getting dark when I took pics, but you can still see most of it.

Here's the creation from my very talented Husband.

Here is our angel. He is an Urban Angel. Linton has been drawing/painting "Urban Angels" for years and just about nothing is complete without one. The Angel was 4 and a half feet tall.

Here's a pic of the hull, it stood right at 6 feet.

Every good pirate has to have a banister to stand behind.

This is the back of the ship. Both sides had the little fish.

The back of the ship was the most awesome to me (I'm just slightly biased). He actually drew the profile of the Lions Heads and then cut them out. In the center is a round window.

Here's the artist, sorry for the glare on the glasses.

We had several people come that had never been to our church before. We had great food and fellowship.

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foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Love that ship!! Very cool. I'm not surprised it was a huge hit!