Thursday, December 4, 2008


No need to break out the white suit, platform shoes or teach him to disco--the 'fro is gone.

Yes, all my son's curls are in the trash can. Even though I like is 'fro, it totally matches his personality, it was too long. It was almost 6 inches when we pulled a strand all the way out to see how long it was, 6 inches!! He was overdo for a cut.

Even though it changes his look so dramatically. He looks like a total big boy.

I like it just a little longer than it is now, but it'll grow in and we won't have to cut it again for several months.

I wish I had counted how many times Hubs said, "stand still son". It was many.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Before--isn't he cute!!

Mid-cut, Hubs a death grip on him!!

After!! It's a different kid!!

That's my big boy. A rascal, but mine!

Potty update: fantastic!! No accidents in two days!! We are becoming potty professionals around here. He is doing so well, I promised him a trip to the store at the end of the week to get a little present. Dollar Tree is my friend.

Daniel has pink eye in both eyes. Apparently one of the little girls at church on Sunday had it (no symptoms at the time) and she loved on him more than I like--had to peel her off of him more than once--and now my baby has it. He looks terrible but he just laughs and claps. He doesn't laugh at the drops though.

I think Makiah is going through a growth spurt. This girl is sleeping and sleeping. I know I should wake her, but she is so teary and weepy if you wake her before her time. So we will focus on school work when she wakes up.

Anyway, back to the clothing mountain and cleaning that is calling to me. Back tomorrow with "Homeschooling Fun".


Bananas said...

Oh he is SO cute... before and after!

Boy Mom said...

Aw, he still has the same darling smile. What a cutie!

So I'm torn do I comment here on the last three posts or do I go back and leave a comment on each of the posts?
Oh the dilemmas we bloggers face ;D

Thanks for the home school site info.

forever folding laundry said...

You're right, he does look like a different little guy! But he's WAY cute, either way!