Friday, December 5, 2008

Grab the Glue and Let's Learn

I am loving a concept I had never heard about before--lapbooking. In my search for more homeschooling "stuff" (I know you love my technical language) I stumbled upon a great website--Homeschool Share. There I discovered, for us, lapbooking. We are in love.

Last week I was looking for more to do with Samuel, without spending a fortune on workbooks, and clicked on the preschool tab in Homeschool Share. They had a counting lapbook that was apples. It was more than counting though, it's colors, sorting and counting. I was so excited. I printed it all out and here's what we got:

These are the pockets. I decided to do it on a piece of cardboard, rather than a folder. At little sturdier, for the need sturdier type.

These are the apple cards that go into the pockets. It is great. He will sit there for almost a hour and work on it. He does it, then does it all again. Anything that holds his attention that long is my friend.

I am working on an animal one for him. Then maybe we'll have two hours of being occupied. ~Smile~

We are working on telling time with Makiah, so she is working on one on the book, The Grouchy Ladybug. Really cute book and great for telling time. She loved reading the book and then putting together her lapbook. We are still working on hers, we'll probably finish it up today. But here it is so far, hopefully I'll have better pictures of the finished product.

Like I said, I need better pics the next time.

Anyway, that is what we have been working on--you know between book work, potty training, feeding a baby, dishes, laundry--I think I should stop now. You get the point.

I am also working on rearranging the blog, but as you can see I haven't completed that task yet.

Daniel waves now, but he doesn't like it when you say bye-bye, he cries. So to show him how to wave, we say hi! It is so funny. His eyes are still yucky, but I think they are getting better.

Samuel told me yesterday that he wants a pet. A pet ELEPHANT!! Yeah, okay, that will be happening real soon. Somehow I think the apartment complex would frown on that. Just sayin'.

Well, I need to go feed the masses and I should probably put actual clothes on. Yes, it is past noon and I am still in pj's.

Have a blessed Friday!!


forever folding laundry said...

What, you don't want to clean up elephant poop? What's the big deal? =)

Love the lapbooks! Have a great weekend.

Boy Mom said...

Oooh, great ideas, I'll click on the pre-school tab for sure.

#5 is doing well, I'm loving the one on one with out the stress of it being homework. We've read Prince Caspian, and Old Yeller and are starting Voyage of the Dawn Treader. So I'm even getting my reading fix.

Hey, pet elephants are great way better than the pet mice my children wanted, can you say exterminator.