Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A True-to-Lovelock Style Adventure

Well we are moved. The piles of boxes surrounding me proves it.

Last week was truly a wild week, I still look back at it and think no way all that happened in eight days. So let me go back to the beginning. . . .

Hubs had scheduled a huge outreach event for church on June 20th and we were moving on June 22nd, I was about to lose my mind. We split our time, he worked at the church on the Chinese village (made out of cardboard for the Open Grill) and I packed and packed and packed. On Friday June 19, Hubs was heading out early that morning to finish up the village and start putting it together outside. He hadn't been gone 15 minutes when he called and said that he had been in a car accident. My heart lurched and he quickly added (knowing how I am and knowing that frantic was nearing) that he was fine and that he had been rear-ended and the bumper was "dented". Breathing in a sigh of relief and thinking the car was just slightly dented, I went back to the task of packing and he went onto the church. He worked all day and all night at the church. I called the insurance (other guy's) and took care of that. A friend picked me up Saturday morning and took me to the church so I could decorate and grab the car. I walked up and saw the car and inwardly cried out "Thank ya Jesus he wasn't hurt", because that car was more than just "dented". The trunk wouldn't even shut, it was completely crushed in, the lock broken. Hubs should have been hurt, but he wasn't. The rest of Open Grill was a blur and tiring, but we got through and now the complete focus could be PACKING!

On Father's Day we headed home from church to change clothes and then we were heading to a friends house for a cook out. Friends house is way out in the country about 40 minutes from where we live, but that was fine and we were looking forward to it. We got almost home and the car began to sputter, shake and quake and died. I started it again. It died again. We all got out and I called my parents. Linton, my dad and another guy rolled her into a parking spot and we left her. Monday morning she got towed to a shop. I needed a car people, it was moving week!! I had to have a vehicle. Well, they got us a rental car while they were figuring out the details of my car. The rental was nice and had a huge trunk which I knew would come in handy. Monday was spent running around with my dad or in the rental with breaks of packing in between. Monday evening our Pastor and a young guy from our church came and took a load of boxes to the new place. I filled the rental and they filled a pick-up truck and off we went. Linton had to work that evening.

Tuesday morning the UHAUL arrived and Hubs started filling it. Then some help arrived and they took over the two man heavy stuff and then the help left and it was back to Hubs. Finally got that thing loaded and we headed to the new place. Help came and we unloaded. For the most part we were moved. We still had some other things in the other place, but nothing we'd need a truck for, so we considered ourselves done for that day.

Thursday, I picked up my new to me minivan, because they TOTALED my "dented" car. More than $8,000 in damage and that didn't included the mechanical problem, which was why the car just died on Sunday. But Hubs wasn't totaled and that's the important part. I LOVE my mini van!!! We also spent Wednesday through Saturday finishing up at the old place and cleaning. Ugh! So glad that's over.

Now the work of unpacking, organizing, pricing yard sale items and decorating begins and I am actually excited for it. It was a wild week and I don't think I could properly put it's true craziness into words, but I tried. Bottom line, we are moved and we are blessed. I have several posts floating around in my head and I hope to get them typed and saved for your reading pleasure this week.

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Mrs Lemon said...

Oh my word. I am so feeling your pain. That sounds like the kind of week you hope to never have again!