Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blessings Wrapped Up in Ugly Brown Paper

So yesterday I told you all the car accident. And the move. I left out a few details, but nothing that would change the story.

Today I want to share something that God did in the midst of all that chaos.

"I am upset, frustrated. Why did the car have to be out of commission now?? Couldn't this one thing have waited just a little while??? Not only was it damaged and now it wouldn't run. How are we supposed to get around this week?? The week of the move, no doubt?? Lord, I know you are doing something, but right now I can't see it."

That would be me. I was complaining. I felt I had good reasons to complain. We needed that car, a van, a scooter, something for mobility. Well, a scooter would be out, but you get my point.

Hubs was rear-ended, hard. The other guy was driving a big truck and his air bags deployed, meaning he was driving too fast. Hubs was at a complete stop at a light. Hubs has no injuries, no pain.

On Sunday the car died. On Monday afternoon, I was driving a 2009 Impala. Nice car, really nice. Most importantly though, I was mobile again. So I stopped complaining, momentarily. Monday evening the Pastor and a young man from church were going to meet me and take a pick-up truck load over to the new place because they wouldn't be available to help the next day. I took all the kids to the Pastor's house where several young ladies from the church were going to babysit. It was 102 degrees! It was awful outside and I was worried about the guys moving stuff in the heat, but the Pastor said they would be okay. I asked the Lord to cut us a break and lower the temp. As I was driving to their house, thunderheads began gathering and before long we had a down pour on our hands, with massive lightening. I resumed complaining. "Lord, could we not have held off the rain for just a little while." The storm only lasted about 10 minutes and the move was a go. We took a load over and I picked up my kiddos. I missed the blessing.

Our car was needed as I said above and I was frustrated that my mobility was gone. All I could think about was how we were going to get around. I didn't think about the fact that I could carry NOTHING in the trunk because it wouldn't close. I just needed transport. The car died on Sunday, before leaving to go out in country 30 miles away. On Monday I got a really sweet rental, with a huge trunk. I hauled tons-o-stuff in that trunk. I missed the blessing.

They totaled our car. The first thing I thought of was being able to find a vehicle in the same price range so that our payment wouldn't be too much higher. I did think of getting a van, but it didn't seem all that reasonable, seeing how expensive vans are. I have been praying for a van for 4 years. We needed one, but I still didn't see what God was doing. I was too caught up in everything else.

I did get the blessing that Hubs is fine. And I am truly thankful for that, truly. That was blessing number one.

Our car died on Sunday, before leaving for the country, less than a mile from our old apartment. Blessing number two--I could have been traveling at break neck speed on the interstate, miles from home.

I asked the Lord to cut us a break and lower the temp and (in my complaining state) instead he sent a storm. Well, see he answered my prayer. The storm took the temp from 102 to 77 in about 11 minutes. We still got to move a load of stuff and in lower temps. Blessing number three.

Noticing a pattern yet?? Yeah, you all are smart, I knew you'd be getting it by now.

I needed/wanted a car and mine was gone. Instead I drove around in a beautiful car with tons-o-space to move stuff. I wouldn't have been able to do that in the crunched up Intrepid. God provided mobility and mobility with space. Blessing number four.

Praying for a van for 4 years. A van that we could afford. We got a van, low mileage, loaded with electric seats, moon roof, spoiler, CD player, leather seats and the right price. Only $50 more per month, and that includes purchasing a warranty. Blessing number five. I finally have my van.

Sometimes we miss the blessings of God because they don't come the way we want or expect. They come hidden behind accidents where no one is hurt or in the form of a storm. They come wrapped in ugly, torn, old brown paper and we toss them aside and keep asking for the things that God has already tried to give us. We need to stop, look around and really see what God is doing. Then ask ourselves, did I just miss it? Because we probably did.

I am thankful that God slowed me down enough to really see what he was doing. See, really trusting God means I don't have to see the plan from beginning to end, I just have to be conscience of it--so I can give him the thanks he deserves.

I am truly blessed.


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Most people (me included) race around the freeway of life at breakneck speeds, sometimes not even slowing down to read the signs that whiz by. It's amazing the blessings we can find if we just slow down enough to read the signs.

Mrs Lemon said...

No kidding, our evangelist preached Sunday night about learning to be thankful for closed doors.

Mainly a midwife said...

Great post. And so true. I know that sometimes I want things to turn out a certain way...when, in fact, God's plan was way better than mine. When will I learn?

Boy Mom said...

Amazing post! You sure hubby is the pastor?

Congrats on all the newness and changes in your life.