Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Someone Flipped the Calendar and I Didn't Realize It!

A week, a whole week has just flown past me!! No wonder I am not getting everything done, we are apparently speeding through life on double time!!

This weekend, one of my closest friends is getting married. I'd put a link in for her blog, but she doesn't have one. ~~Hint, hint~~ I think a newlywed blog would be great, but she may not agree. She will have so much spare time, because now she won't have to text him all night. What else does she have to do, except fill us all in on newlywed life and adjusting. ~~Smile, love you C~~ Anyway, Makiah is the flower girl/attendant and so we are off to St. Louis again. So we get to do a wedding and visit my dear, dear framily (my own word for friends that are more like family). It's going to be an action packed weekend, in more ways than one. ~Smile~ I still haven't found anything to wear, so I am considering my pj's. Hey, I like to be comfortable and they are navy. Perfect!

Tomorrow I have to finish up trip laundry, pack up the decorations that I have to take, pick some odds and ends for the trip and start packing. I also want to have all the cleaning done. I would rather not come home to a mess! Thursday afternoon, we hit the road!

So, with three kids, diapers, underoos for the new potty champ, tons of extra clothes for same potty champ, Makiah's clothes and wedding clothes, decorations, shoes for all occasions, hair stuff (oh the hair stuff), an umbrella stroller, a cooler and snacks. . . I am not sure Hubs and I can go. . . no room in the van.

OH! And I need to add duct tape to my list!! ~~BIG Smile~~


Cara said...

lol, love the blog and no I will not be setting up my own blog anytime soon:) Luv ya for all your doing;)

forever folding laundry said...

I'd love to see what you do with her hair. Take pics!

Don't you find it unfair that you have to do laundry BEFORE the trip, just to go and get it dirty again and come home and do the laundry all over again?!

Have fun!