Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally My Body is Cooperating

The Great Slim Down of '09 has not gone the way I had hoped. Back in the beginning of the year, things were going along great. I lost about 12 pounds and then the wagon lost a wheel and I fell off. A series of events happened and I lost my weight loss way. I struggled to get back on the now repaired wagon, but when I turned around I found that it had left without me. I pretty much quit trying over the summer and I gained back the twelve pounds plus a couple more. I have insulin resistance and so every time I pass a fast food joint or the candy aisle at the store pounds leap on me and stay. Basically gaining weight is really easy and losing it is doubly difficult because of the metabolic issues with my insulin and glucose. As if losing weight wasn't difficult enough?!?!

After being frustrated for the last 5 weeks I finally see that my body is cooperating again and going the right direction, down! I am back on the insulin resistance medicine (I'm a bad patient), eating is back on track and the Dr. Pepper has been abandoned. I am back to making good choices and in the last week and a half I have dropped seven pounds.

Are you making healthy changes in your life? What are you doing? Do you go to a gym or workout in your living room to a DVD? I would love to hear from you!

Getting healthy is a journey. A journey with discovery and recovery. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I've lost about 150 pounds. 30 here, 10 here, 15 here. But every time I lose it, I put it back on .....and more. So I'm at my highest ever weight. Besides the fact that I simply don't like the rolls of fat, my clothes don't fit and I'm feeling like I'm being a bad steward of God's money by having to buy bigger things. And gasping for air at the top of a staircase is just not good.

We've been walking lately. Dh has sort of pushed me into it, but the good news is he is going along with me.

Trying to watch what I eat---or at least HOW MUCH I eat. Also trying not to eat unless I'm hungry. Just because I'm watching a movie does NOT mean I need a coke and popcorn if I'm not hungry.

Good luck to you. I'm cheering you on!!

(btw, your comment form won't let me change it, but the new blog is :)

Boy Mom said...

YOu go girl! I have lost 5 or ten lbs a month for since May. It's hard to stay on that wagon, worth it though.