Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toss, Toss, Keep

I've hit spring cleaning two months early. He he he Because I have mentioned before that I feel like I am domestically challenged I figure if I clean out a bunch of stuff then there is less stuff to clean up, wash, fold or put away so, I am mid-winter cleaning.

I am cleaning out closets and toys and I have more donations than I am keeping. YAY!! I am doing some serious weeding on our toy collection. I am too sentimental about toys and I always think, "oh they might play with that" or "ahhh, but that was. . . " and so every time I weed out, I always leave back more than I should. Not this week. Reality is, they aren't going to play with them. Period. End of discussion. Toys, clothes, old puzzles, games and books~~nothing is safe!

I'm cleaning out my clothes too. Another area in which I am overly sentimental. "Oh but if I lose 15 pounds that would be really cute" or "I just can't throw that out", come on woman, let it go!!! This is what I told myself, if I throw everything that I can't wear or won't wear E.V.E.R. again then I get to buy new stuff. ~~Smile~~See I haven't really blogged about it, but I am still endeavoring to drop a significant amount of weight and so therefore I will need new clothes. The light bulb finally came on; I don't want to lose weight and wear old clothes. When I lose weight I want new clothes. {Can I get an AMEN} I have actually added to the budget a very small Valerie-just-lost-all-this-weight-NOW-SHOP category. Hubs is in total agreement, actually it was his idea from a long time ago.

I am also weeding out our kitchen "stuff". For some reason we have a LOT of kitchen random thingys that never actually gets used, so it's going out the door too. Space in the kitchen is an issue, I DON"T HAVE ENOUGH, so if its not being used or I don't even know what its used for, it has to go. Like the coffee pot that I am not sure even works and is sitting in the bottom of the pantry collecting dust because we don't drink coffee. And other random items that just seem to be hanging around. Oh and the storage area on our patio is getting a good cleaning out and re-organizing as soon I am done with the stuff inside. Like I said before, nothing is safe.

Makiah is sick, again. Strep throat, pray saints, pray that NO ONE ELSE gets it. {I am serious about the praying, I may even call a fast} The whole house smells like disinfectant wipes and bleach, but I left no door knob uncleaned. I thought about wiping her down with one, but then decided against it.

Other than a major clean out, school resuming, trying to advance to the next level in Mario Bros Wii and Makiah being sick, it's been a pretty calm start to the New Year. How about you?


Mainly a midwife said...

Amen! And good for you!!!!
I need to do a really good purge too. I'm also sentimental about certain things. Sometimes it's hard to let go of things that my kids loved.

Boy Mom said...

You're so cute! I go through things regularly and get rid of them; but, like you get too sentimental about old things. Letting go has become easier this year.