Monday, March 29, 2010

Apparently I Don't Have Enough To Do or Potty Training 2.0 (The Upgrade)

As I've overstated in my previous posts, I. AM. CRAZY. BUSY., but apparently not busy enough. I decided over the weekend that I wanted to start potty training Daniel. Obviously a serious case of crazy has overtaken me. But I had my reasons, which, because this is my blog, I will now share.

In the last month or so, Daniel asks me several times a day (especially when Sam goes to the potty) if he can go too. Then last week Daniel started informing me not that he is poopy, but that "I pooping". That's right. In the act. So I remembered back to when Sam started saying those things he was almost 2. And I waited to potty train because we were moving. And then I waited more because the so called "experts" said he wasn't ready. The conclusion to that story is that he stills wears a pull-up at night and we just got potty trained and he is 4! I missed my window of opportunity. I feel like if I would have capitalized on his willingness to go potty and understanding way back when, we would not have had the long arduous potty training adventure that we indured. I am hoping to avoid that same difficult road with Daniel. Learn from experience right? I'm trying, anything for an easier experience for all of us.

I realize we are traveling a lot. I realize that in a mere 7 weeks we move and that most "experts" wouldn't suggest trying this now. Who are these "experts" anyway? Do they even have children? Have they ever really potty trained a real, live wild child? I might as well let him sit on that new cute potty if he wants right. I mean so what if he doesn't go in it. So what if it's just another thing to move around the bathroom/living room/office (he likes to sit on it ALL THE TIME, in the buff). But, just what if all this exposure {pun completely intended} just helps the journey go a little faster in a couple of months when I do get totally serious about potty training??!? This is potty training 2.0, the upgrade to the previous version I just survived (barely).

It's worth it. Besides, he wants to sit on it all the time. I always know where he is and he is leaving my dishwasher alone.

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Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I wonder how many of "the experts" have no kids of their own?