Thursday, March 25, 2010

Someone Threw Time Into Overdrive

I had no idea it had been this long since I had blogged!! I hope I still have a couple of readers out there. Because I am so, so, so busy today I am going to leave you with a list. Then tomorrow more of a real post. Really.

1. We went to St. Louis four weekends in a row and I can officially say that I am sick of the road!!! I am ready to just be there already. We are still looking for a house to rent, pray saints pray. We move in just 8 very short weeks!!!!

2. Makiah and Hubs had a GREAT time in Boston visiting with family. They had a safe and fun trip, what more could I ask for?!?

3. The plague that has been hanging around for 6 weeks, I think, maybe is thinking about leaving. I am having a hard time shaking the cough and the ear trouble. I am starting to just get used to it. That's what it has come too.

4. I made a decision last week that was really hard for me to decide. Due to the fact that we are moving in May and things are already getting crazy, I decided that we wouldn't walk or run in the heart walk this year. It's just too much to try to fit it all in. I will sponsor someone that is walking and I will definitely be there next year.

5. I am still going to run in a 5K, it will just be a different one. Probably the Komen Race. I am still wanting to run, but due to illness I have had to put off the C25K. It is still my goal, but the C25K can wait till I get moved. Maybe by then I'll be over this cough.

6. We have set our official move date. . . . {drum roll please} MAY 22!!! YAY!! (The heart walk is the Saturday before, see why I'm not participating)

So now that I bullet-pointed my way current, I have to go pack. Be back tomorrow with a fun post with pics!!

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