Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Food, Food, Food

I watched Food, Inc. last night. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Stunning. Who knew all that? Not me. I am not an animal rights activist (I believe God created some animals to eat), but the pictures of those poor cows made me so sad. Chickens and hogs too. The things that we humans have done to make more money is terrible and we are paying for it with our health. I feel so bad for the farmers who are basically forced to do things the way a certain company wants instead of farming the food they want to sell to us. If you haven't watched it, you should.

Now onto the Lovelocks. I told everyone at the beginning of the year that I was going to focus on three main things this year: faith, family and frugality. Having healthy food was one of those goals. Everyone knows that for the most part organic and frugal do not belong in the same sentence but we are trying to buy more organic food because of all the garbage that is put in our mainstream food. Today was grocery day and I spent the same amount that I normally spend and yet I bought not one processed food and all organic meat. {I actually hit a sale and got some grass fed beef steaks for $2.39 each, oh yeah baby!!} I was pretty happy with my acquisitions and my receipt. Not everything was organic, but none of it was that junk we usually buy. I started making my own mac 'n cheese awhile back and instead of fruit snacks my kids are eating California cuties. My kids absolutely love cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and even brussel sprouts, so we will eat those and leave those mashed potatoes for special occasions. I also stepped out big time and did not buy ANY cereal. This is huge for us because my kids love cereal. They eat it every morning. So instead of giving them the choice of cereal or eggs there are two new choices: organic eggs or organic waffles with fruit. We are going to do this for awhile and see how it goes. The more I read about high fructose corn syrup the more I don't want my kids eating it. I am also praying that this new diet (way of eating) will help Sam's eczema get better.

As for everything else in my life, its CRAZY! We are going to St. Louis every other weekend. We are still trying to secure housing (we might have to not be so picky, he he) and then there is the packing. So we are busy, but not too busy to get out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather. I am loving the sunshine for sure.

I hope you all have a bright, bright sun shiny day!!

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