Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just What I Needed. . . Truly

That's right I have finally joined the online craze of pinterest. Like I needed another reason to spend time online. But I have to say that I have found no less than thirty things that I would like to do RIGHT NOW! It's inspiring! (I am doing my best to justify all the time time spent pinning).

With all that creativity floating around my own creativity is prompted to do some new things! But with that having been said I have also found some helpful home managing tips and tricks. (Again, justification, right??)

I am trying to figure something out for my dad for Christmas. I am hoping pinterest can help with that. He is so difficult to come up with something to do for a gift. He doesn't need anything and I don't want to just buy cologne or a gift card, so anyone who might have a suggestion feel free to comment and share!

I asked for fun and unique kitchen gadgets for Christmas. Yes, you read that line correctly. This year I have re-claimed my cooking mojo and I LOVE kitchen gadgets. I also purchased myself something last week for Christmas~a new purse. It was so cute and on clearance (I paid $2), I could NOT pass it up. I love deals like that!!

My kids are getting instruments for Christmas. We can start the prayer chain for my sanity now Bad thing is this, I can't complain because it was my idea. Yes, that temporary insanity that I was experiencing that day will have lasting effects on my nerves and ears. Makiah is getting a guitar and both boys are getting bongo drums. Say it with me, two sets of bongo drums. Again, all my suggestions. I am praying now that those ideas won't come back to cause my psychological downfall. These are not toys, these are the real deal, so I am hoping that real learning will be happening and not just testing to see how long it will take before Mom completely breaks down. With all my fear of bleeding ears and sanity lost, I am still standing behind my decision. Ask me In February if I still think it was a good idea.

Well, I have rambled on long enough. As random as this post is, it should be titled "Random Ramblings to Early Not to be Random."

Happy Thursday!

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