Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not a Giant Chess Piece

How many times have you heard someone liken life to a game? Or even use the phrase to the "game of life"? And no I don't mean the board game either. Countless times, I'm sure.  But sometimes, I will admit it, feels like that, like I spun a spinner and whatever it landed on, that was my fate.

A few weeks ago in our mid week Bible study we were singing a worship song. I'll be honest, I have no recollection of the song because God and I were communing and while the song helped usher in the spirit of worship, God took over and I cannot for the life of me remember. I think I know why, but I have to stay on track so I'll come back to why. . .a post for another day.

Anyway, while standing in the very sweet, but overwhelming presence of God that night all that I kept saying was, "I am so thankful you reign, so thankful you reign." While talking to God, He spoke to my heart. That is supposed to happen, you know God speaking to us, so I wasn't surprised and you shouldn't be either. He ministered to me what I needed, not necessarily that night, but something that I would need to draw from later.  Probably soon too.

In my mind I saw the image of a giant, and I mean GIANT chess board, and on this board were people. Some I knew and some I did not. I was on there as well. There was a giant hand moving across the top of the pieces, as if deciding which on to move next and where. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, "often times this is what my children think I do. They believe me to be a game master moving people just here and there, with no direction, at my will. They and you, daughter, have mistaken who I Am. I am not sitting high and lofty above you, moving you at about at my pleasure as if to torment you. I dwell in and around you. I make your path clear, its not always an easy path, but I walk it with you. I am not making random decisions concerning your life. I am great, mighty and all powerful, but I hear your heart, I know your needs, I see your tears and your joy. I don't see your life as my game to play." At that moment the chess board and all it's people were gone. God spoke to me again, "you are not my play toys, neither as your children are yours. You are my treasured possession and you have chosen to live your life for me. I take great pleasure in communing with you, caring for you, providing for you, guiding, carrying your burdens and healing you. It's a relationship, not a game."

As I stood in worship service I was overwhelmed and uplifted by those comforting words. I took them in and held onto every word and wrote them down almost immediately. I knew I would need them for another day. And I have. I have often gone back to that night and replayed those comforting words. I have held tightly on when things didn't make sense or when fear threatened me from it's place of banishment. God isn't spinning the wheel to see where I go next! He isn't taking a chance card and wondering what's next! He's got this thing in control!  As in the book of Jeremiah, he tells the people of what God spoke in chapter 29 verse 11, "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." 

I know the Man in charge. I don't just know Him, but He knows me. And He's got me in the palm of His very giant hands and He does all things well.

I actually typed this post about two weeks ago.  I typed it all out and sat on it.  I knew God wanted me to write it out and post it here, but He told me to wait.  Tonight I feel it's time to post.  I hope someone reading it will hear it's message and find comfort in it. Blessings!!

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MotherT said...

That's very powerful! I sent the link to a couple of young ladies.