Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Potty Training 2.0, Installment 4

I haven't blogged about potty training in a long time.  Probably because potty training is a most frustrating process for my boys.  And for me.  I fully believe that potty training a boy should be considered a form of torture.  I feel certain that potty training is some form of pay back for all the trauma I put my parents through.  Or maybe I'm reaping what Hubs has sown (and boy did he ever sow) because he is at work!  Prayer, chocolate, more prayer and more chocolate are required for this process.  Oh!  And skittles too. . . you didn't really think the chocolate was for Daniel did you??

So anyway, it's safe to say that Daniel is not completely potty trained.  Just as a reminder, this is a no judgement blog.  It isn't from a lack of trying.  He does really well with peeing the in the potty.  He just wants nothing, absolutely nothing to do with pooping in the potty.  He will go somewhere and hide.  Usually under the nearest table.  If I catch him there I know exactly what he is doing and I try to intercept and get him to the bathroom but usually it's too late.  I have a hider.  My first one.  Oh I have seen hiders, known hiders, taught hiders in preschool before I was mama, met parents of hiders but this is my first child that hides to do his do-do business.  It's incredibly frustrating.

I have offered stickers in every shape and character known to man, m&m's, a whole bag of skittles instead of the customary three skittles for a pee pee job, money, even toys. . . all to no avail.  I am now desperate. And we all know what desperation does to a mama?!?  It's not pretty.

Any suggestions from parents of former hiders?  Any suggestions for surviving the hiding years?  If you still have a hider and we are facing the same challenges, let me offer my most sincere cyber hug to you friend.  I feel your pain.

Good thing he's cute!  ~Smile~

Now, where did that chocolate carmel bar go I was hiding for one of those days. . . .

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