Monday, May 21, 2012

Sum Sum Summertime!!

It's hot here!  I know summer isn't officially for another month, but the weather did not get the notice.  I am not a fan of summer.  I mean, don't get me wrong I love not having to wear a coat, I love my short sleeved shirts and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my flip flops, BUT I do not like hot weather at all.  Okay, I'm done complaining.  This post is not about hot temps and flip flops it's about summer fun!!!

This year I decided to sit my kids down and make a summer fun to do list.  Now, I feel this is dangerous activity and for the most part I was not proved wrong.  Some of Sam's suggestions had me cringing in fear and others would require an astronaut to be involved.  Like I said, asking them is dangerous and hysterical all at once.  It's dangerous because my kids seem to believe that if we think it up it's a done deal, it's going to happen.  I am not ever, ever, ever bungee jumping.  Not going to happen, but Sam thought that would be a good summer thing to do.  Oh!  Did I mention he thought we should bungee jump from the top of the arch?  I give him an A for effort and imagination, but it's still a NO.  So I took their suggestions and complied them into a fascinating list for your reading pleasure.  I know you are grateful for this, I just know it.  For an added bonus I put which kid thought up what.  I'm helpful like that.  ~Smile~

  • Bungee jump from the top of the Arch~~Sam
  • Pick all the flowers from downtown and pass them out to sad people~~Sam
  • Go to the zoo three days a week~~Daniel
  • Go to the place where you get to build things (Science Center) three days a week~~Daniel
  • Fly a kite in Forest Park~~Makiah (A reasonable one, I have hope!!)
  • Go to Grandpa's house in the woods for a month~~Sam
  • Go fishing from that bridge we go over to go to Grandpa's house in the woods (that would be highway 64 crossing the Mississippi)~~Daniel 
  • Go to the bookstore for story time and tea~~Daniel  (apparently he thinks tea for me comes with the story, can't imagine why he thinks this?!?!?)
  • Go to Grants Farm~~Makiah
  • Build a wagon~~Sam  (Hubs and Sam will do this, but Mom is not a builder, Bob is, Mom is not)
  • Visit a farm~Sam
  • Ride in the back of a police car~~Sam (which we will if we pick all the flowers from downtown and pass them out to sad people)
  • Go to that garden (Botanical Garden) again and look for turtles~~Daniel
  • Read books outside~~Makiah
  • Go on a picnic every week~~Makiah
  • Go on a boat in wavy water~~Sam  (this one took me awhile to figure out but through many questions I determined that he meant white water rafting!!)
  • Plant corn, watch it grow, pick the corn and eat it~~Daniel (at least he knows the process)
  • Do lots of crafts and projects~~Makiah
  • Take a closer look at the planets, like from a space ship~~Sam
  • Visit Bob and Larry~~Daniel (he isn't sure where they live but he wants to visit them)
  • Go shark fishing~~You can guess right????  Sam 
They would have kept going, but I put a stop to it after shark fishing!  While doing all of these would have made for an exciting summer I just don't think we can pull all of these off!  I was cracking up!  My kids are so funny and smart and inventive and Sam obviously believes we can do anything!  So I think I'll have to trim up this list and come up with some more reasonable and yet still fun things to do this summer.  

And yes we will go to Grandpa and Grandma's house in the woods, but they will be relieved that we won't stay for a month.

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