Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Okay, This is the Deal

I am a SAHM.  Well, technically I am a WAHM.  But really aren't all SAHM really WAHM moms?  I mean it's not like we get to sit around eating bonbons all day?!?  I'll leave this alone. . . . for now.

Bottom line, I'm a mama with three kiddos living on a one income family.  Need I say more??  I clip coupons, I reuse and repurpose when possible and do my best to make life fit into a budget.  It usually doesn't, but no one can say I don't try.

I said all of that to say this. . . I am trying to build up the base of my blog.  I would like to possibly, maybe bring in a little $$ through the blog.  While building up the base readership of my blog I will be making every attempt to actually blog everyday.  Good idea, huh?

It's not like I am lacking for blog fodder.  Lacking for time and brains to write kind of intelligibly, yes, blog fodder, absolutely not.

While I am thankful to my three or four readers who have faithfully kept coming back after long periods of nothingness I am asking you to share MamaLovelock.  Tweet me, Facebook like me, add me or whatever else there is.  Pretty please??  I mean, really, don't keep this wellspring of crazy awesomeness to yourself!

I have a lot of technical stuff to do with the blog that I am really not well versed on, so while I am trudging through techy bloggy mumbo jumbo, it would be great if I could get more followers who are willing to put up with me.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  When are you done reading my fabulously funny, intelligent and insightful. . . . . well at least typed posts would you please click on that lovely banner on the side that says picketfenceblogs.com?  Please and thank you.

You have my undying, internet appreciation and bloggity love.

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