Tuesday, July 3, 2012

General Kid Update

Catchy title huh?

My blog title creativity seems to be on vacation.  Of course I don't blame it, it's too hot to stay here in the hot and steamy Midwest.

Is it possible to have the summer time blues?  Seasonal Affective Disorder maybe, in the summer?  Yes, I think I am already very much over summer.  And while I wouldn't call the depression police just yet, I am ready for some crisp, cool air and getting back outdoors with the kids.  See right now it's too hot to be outside.  Sam is a my asthmatic and eczema (severe I might add) kiddo.  Heat does very bad things to him.  While is asthma is rarely an issue, on hot days like these, it is when he is outside.  The eczema on the other hand is not just bad, it is a horrible, rampaging problem that sends him in to fits of scratching never to be seen on a human.  And it gets so bad he needs a month of antibiotics and cool air to recover.  Sam hasn't left this house for a week.  So even though he is taking meds and having to stay indoors, he is by no means letting it keep him down.  He is still my sweet, wild boy and while he is still his silly self with his inventions and current obsession with everything martial arts, he is tired of being inside.  Out of sheer desperation Mama and Daddy Lovelock are taking the kiddos to play in the mall this evening.  Mama would have started climbing the walls by now if it wasn't for a little jaunt to Target last night that may or may not have included sitting in the cafe drinking a very tall, very icy Starbucks drink.  ~Smile~

Makiah is doing great!  She is eleven and when she isn't in the throws of preteen angst she is a happy, helpful girl just loving life.  She is super tall, four more inches and we will be seeing eye to eye.  She has a crush on a boy and she and her little friends giggle nonstop whenever this boy is near.  There are days when I am super glad she is eleven. . . other days my heart palpitates as the fears of teendoom wash over me and I long for the days of the Little People Doll House and her beloved binky's.  Things were simpler then and no boys were involved.  We won't even mention how Hubs feels about his sweet pea growing up.  *Sigh*

Daniel is bursting with energy and I think he is competing with Sam for the title of "Most Creatively Rowdy Boy".  Whew!  He knows how to wear this Mama down.  He is a sweetie, just a wild one.  Potty training has gone to a whole new level in the last week.  I'll do a blog post all about it, but let's just say we have TURNED A MAJOR CORNER and this Mama is REJOICING.

Now I'm off to clean before it gets too hot to do anything involving movement.  Have a great day and stay cool!!!

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